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Compliance Test

OSHA Compliance Assessment

Is my office at risk?

Not sure if you need Bloodborne Pathogen compliance training? Take this quick survey to find out!

Are all in-office pharmaceuticals being treated in accordance with EPA and DEA laws?*
Does our office have the proper biomedical waste spill kit in accordance to OSHA standards? Is the location and procedure listed in the biomedical plan?*
Has our office completed a biomedical operating plan within the last 12 months? Have all employees signed acknowledging the plan?*
Have all employees completed blood borne pathogen training courses within the last 12 months?*
Have all newly hired (within 10 days) employees completed blood-borne pathogen training in accordance to OSHA standards?*
Have all employees been trained within the preceding 12 months on proper waste segregation?*
Are all manifests kept for a minimum of 3 years? Does each manifest record the date of pickup and date of treatment facility including location?*
Does our indoor storage facility include impervious floors?*
Does our outdoor storage facility have a conspicuously marked 6” biological hazard symbol and secured from vandalism?*
Does our office consider sharps containers biomedical waste upon reaching the fill line?*
Does our office possess copies of our waste transporters state permits?*