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Frequently Asked Questions

OSHA mandates require training to be completed every 12 months. HIPAA regulations recommend frequent training.

Any dental or medical facility that has patients. OSHA regulates that any employee who might potentially become infected by a bloodborne pathogens must undergo training each year.

Any dental or medical facility that has patients. HIPAA regulates that any employee who handles protected health information must undergo the training each year

All employees, contractors and business associates must conduct training each calendar year. New employees must receive their training witin 10 days of hire.

Once you have completed your online training, you will receive a certificate of completion which is valid for a year after completion.

Yes. Dental and Medical facilities that do not adhere to the HIPAA & OSHA regulations each year are subject to fines up to $75,000 per violation.

No, All training modules are hosted online. Your office can begin training immediately after the purchase.

All you need is internet connection, email address and web browser to complete your training.