Top 5 Reasons to Use

  • 1 Combo Training – Earn HIPAA & OSHA Certification + bonus COVID-19 training. Only online course to serve both required courses for busy medical professional.
  • 2 Save Money – Receive certification for 10 employees for just $299.95! Comparable combo class costs $500+
  • 3 Save Time – Entire course can be completed in less than 20 minutes.
  • 4 Free Tools ($149 Value) – Receive free tools required by HIPAA & OSHA.
    Biomedical Waste Plan Builder (OSHA)
    Privacy & Security Plan Builder (HIPAA)
  • 5 Individualized Training – Enables busy medical facilities to complete training as schedule permits. Pause and resume training at any time during your 20 minute course. Administration monitors the successful progress of all trainees.



Each employee completes their educational sessions at their own pace so you can monitor everyone’s progress in real time.


Keep a digital record of each employee’s certification that can be retrieved at any time.


Each course is professionally narrated and illustrated to visualize the course material in depth.


HIPAA Combined Compliance, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen + Bonus Covid-19 Training

The HIPAA & OSHA compliance + bonus COVID-19 training program will guide you through training and certification of blood borne pathogen regulations, safety procedures, the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and the HIPAA Security Rule. This course will guide you through each lesson followed by a knowledge assessment.

Course Time: 20min

Sign up today and receive the HIPAA & OSHA + bonus COVID-19 courses together.

Regular Price: $499.95
Special Rate: $299.95
Save $200
Includes 10 Trainees


How frequent is training required?

OSHA mandates require training to be completed every 12 months. HIPAA
regulations recommend frequent training.

Who is required to complete OSHA training?

Any dental or medical facility that has patients. OSHA regulates that any employee
who might potentially become infected by a bloodborne pathogens must
undergo training each year.

Who is required to complete HIPAA training?

Any dental or medical facility that has patients. HIPAA regulates that any employee
who handles protected health information must undergo the training each

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

All employees, contractors and business associates must conduct training
each calendar year. New employees must receive their training witin 10
days of hire.

How do we get proof of completion?

Once you have completed your online training, you will receive a certificate
of completion which is valid for a year after completion.

Are there fines for non compliance?

Yes. Dental and Medical facilities that do not adhere to the HIPAA & OSHA
regulations each year are subject to fines up to $75,000 per violation.

Do I have to download software to complete training?

No, All training modules are hosted online. Your office can begin training
immediately after the purchase.

What else do I need to complete training?

All you need is internet connection, email address and web browser to
complete your training.

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